Alternator Repairs

Getting Started

alternator repairs

Alternator Repairs

Alternator repairs have everything to do with getting started. Alternators keep your battery charged, and are the powerhouse behind anything electrical like running your dash lights, headlights, radio, air conditioner, etc. If you’re alternator has given up the ghost, you won’t be going very far, if at all.

You’ll Get A Charge Out of This

Accurately determine the need for alternator repairs by getting it tested from a reputable Santa Cruz auto repair shop. You’ll want to minimize the charge to your credit card while maximizing the charge your alternator is generating, which you can do by following these important consumer tips:

Alternator Repair

Alternator Repair
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1. Getting your alternator tested – some auto repair services will test your alternator for free, and others require a testing fee. Often, those that require a fee will deduct it from the total repair bill. A professional auto repair shop will also check the health of your battery.

2. Replacing your alternator – is more cost effective than repairing it, because of the hours required to do so. If a defective alternator is discovered during an auto tune up, and your mechanic recommends replacing it, be sure that it comes with a written warranty for a long period of time.

Closing Thoughts

It’s possible that a defective alternator might be discovered if the check engine light is on. During an alternator failure it’s less likely that the check engine light will come on; it’s more likely that you will see the battery symbol or “alt” light. If this happens, call me at 475-4328. Don’t confuse this with the oil light; if you indeed see the oil light, pull over; to stay on the road may ruin your engine.