Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light has come on!  What to do?  Many customers come to me with this concern.  Fear not!  It may not be as bad as you think.

It has been pointed out that today’s automobile has more computing power than the first Apollo spacecrafts.  Your car’s on-board computer triggers its check engine light.  That’s right – your car monitors itself!  And, it wants to alert you to any problems before they become a costly affair.  The little yellow light can be triggered for a variety of reasons – some of which require sensor replacement, alternator repairs, or in some cases just a tightening of the gas cap.

NorAm Auto Service and Repair provides a free preliminary diagnosis of your car to let you know exactly why the check engine light was triggered this time.  Occasionally the preliminary diagnosis is inconclusive, and it will take further detective work to uncover your car’s ailment.  NorAm will let you know that before proceeding with further diagnostics or repairs which you will be charged for.  But remember, the initial diagnosis is free!

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Check Engine Light Free Diagnostic

Check Engine Light Free Diagnostic - American and Japanese Cars

Should you worry when the check engine light comes on?  In most cases there is time enough to bring your car to NorAm Auto Repair Services or another qualified repair facility without any damage to your car’s engine.  However if the Check Engine light is flashing I suggest you call NorAm to schedule your free diagnostic as soon as possible.  If you notice a decrease in your car’s performance when the Check Engine light comes on, that is another reason to call NorAm Auto Repair Serivces ASAP.

To ease your mind, here are some of the more common reasons a check engine light may come on:

1. A loose gas cap

2. A worn oxygen sensor

3. A dirty mass airflow sensor, which can be cleaned for $25.00, rather than replaced for $300+

4. A malfunctioning engine coolant temperature sensor, which often masks itself as a more expensive repair

5. A plugged fuel filter

6. A worn thermostat

7. Plugged injectors, which can be remedied by adding a fuel system cleaner to the gas at your next fill up.

9. Of course, the FREE diagnostic may point to a fix for your car by way of the possibility of a needed auto tune up, or an overdue safety inspection, which may be your solution.
Minor or major, NorAm Auto Repair Services is here to get to the root of your car’s complaint!